Reflection on the Weekday and Sunday Readings of the Catholic Lectionary
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What Jesus predicted about the kingdom of God in the parable of the mustard seed is literally true with regard to the Church. By the time he told this parable to his disciples, they were just a handful - like a few mustard seeds. No one could have thought that after two thousand years they would have spread to become the biggest body of believers on earth, covering one sixth of it. Numerous Church institutions have been constructed such that all kinds of peoples, even non-Christians benefited by them, like birds of the air under the branches of the mustard tree. This assures us, that no matter the forces against the Churches, it will grow to its intended destiny as Jesus predicted it.

The Church's growth was yeast in a dough of bread. Wherever Christians went, they mixed with the peoples, defusing Christ's teaching of love. Communities became thus transformed.

However, the Church is not exactly commensurate with the kingdom; it is its beginnings. The kingdom must continue growing through the work of the Church. We are the Church; we are the means by which the kingdom must continue growing today. Each of us has a unique role to play. We are like branches that must continue developing new leaves as old ones wither and fall of. Above all we must bear fruits that pass on the life of the plant. We must continue influencing the people whose lives we touch like yeast in the dough of bread. We do this by allowing the Spirit of Christ to work in us, to lead us, by continuously being docile to his word, asking for his help when we need it.
Monday, 17th Week in Ordinary Time, Year II
27th July 2014